Doctors warned Santa Rosa criminal attorney Steve Turer that his career would be over after he underwent major heart surgery last year.

But the bearded barrister proved them wrong. Turer returned to the courtroom where he’s racked up a string of legal victories he said prove he’s as good as ever.

Since August, the 67-year-old has been to trial four times and won three acquittals. The fourth case resulted in a hung jury. He’s also argued successfully to have two cases dismissed before trial.

It’s an admirable record for any lawyer, especially someone who less than a year ago had a six-hour heart valve replacement operation.

“I came back much stronger than when I left,” Turer said this week. “It’s made a huge difference in my life and certainly in my practice.”

However, Turer’s winning streak is threatened by his ongoing dispute with Judge Gary Medvigy, who clashed with him in a trial late last year and found him in contempt of court twice.

A decision is expected soon from a Sacramento judge about whether the orders will stand. Also pending is a motion to disqualify Medvigy from hearing Turer’s future cases because of alleged bias.

“I would prefer to win it but if I don’t life goes on,” Turer said.

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