Convicted killer Andrew Sharkey made a final Santa Rosa court appearance Monday before being shipped off to state prison to begin his 32-to-life sentence.

Victims were asking Judge Ken Gnoss to approve about $200 in restitution requested by victims to pay for things like airline flights to sentencing hearings and meals.

Gnoss agreed, adding to the more than $10,000 in restitution and fines the 38-year-old Englishman was already ordered to pay.

But it was not before Sharkey, who admitted the 2009 strangling of Michael Tillman, 67, of Guerneville, raised an important point.

Standing in the courtroom with his hands shackled at his waist, the one-time pot grower said he has no money and faces a sentence that will have him locked up until he’s at least 70.

“It just seems rather moot,” said Sharkey, sporting a new buzz cut hairdo. “I’m going to be spending the next 32 years to life in prison.”

But prosecutors said Sharkey may have an opportunity to work and earn money. And any cash sent to him by relatives could be directed at the debt.

So the judge ordered it. The new amounts reflected some expenses incurred by relatives when Sharkey postponed a January sentencing date in a last-minute legal maneuver.

Some of Tillman’s family members traveled from as far away as Florida and Texas to speak at the hearing. They made video-taped statements instead.

With the final details resolved, Gnoss ordered Sharkey be transferred to San Quentin, the central processing center for all Northern California inmates.

“I’m sorry I don’t have any more money to offer,” Sharkey said before being led away

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